2life was so simple

3meal plan

4go back to college2

5gonna go far

6don't know who I am

7dry-erase message

8drop a class


10change my major


12academic advisor

13before final paper is due

14didn't start sooner


15everybody else2

16go back to college1

17how do you go back to college

18more pictures


20so much younger


Just so you’d know… I’m happy with my life (after college), except for the fact that I miss my friends (and of course my Ozzie). I miss overnights at NEC to rush projects and papers, going to the lugawan at 3 a.m. in the morning, playing Warcraft (esp. when a certain project’s deadline was extended. Teehee). I miss having our Christmas parties at Paul’s Home (We usually invite ourselves in), birthday celebrations, Valentines + UP Fair parties…. Haaay. The list goes on and on…

Ang tatanda na natin, no? Oh my gosh. Tama ba ko? Freshies ngayon were born 1990?

If I weren’t an S.A. for the department, or for the Webteam, I wouldn’t have met the (NEC) losers and I would have totally missed a lot. Thanks guys! (Senti)

Well, see you guys in Paris in 5 years!
Hunny Sig 75px